By Matt Hein

“Jesus is up to something.” I’ve heard that phrase numerous times from people at St. Luke recently. For some it has to do with our Vision Process. For others it has to do with being formed in worship or in a Home Group. For others it is much more personal as Jesus has shown up in a tangible way in their lives.

We’ve been trying to follow Jesus more intentionally at St. Luke and Jesus has been faithfully showing up. He’s been meeting us in worship where he promises to be in his Word, through his Sacraments, and with his blessing. And he’s been faithfully leading us into the world he loves where he’s already actively working in the people around us, whether we’ve recognized it or not.

I’ve been noticing that Jesus is up to something at church and also where you and I go in the world. That shouldn’t surprise us. The Gospels show us Jesus actively involved in the world. He invites the disciples to follow him and then led them into the lives of real people who receive his grace and promises.

Jesus is doing the same with us. He invites you to follow him as his disciple, marks you with his name in baptism, keeps his eyes and heart on you, and then leads you into the lives of real people. And those people have names, stories, joys, heartaches, etc. He knows that and invites you to follow him into their stories.

Jesus is definitely up to something and over the next seven weeks in our Joining Jesus on His Mission series, we’ll learn practical ways to join him on his mission, ways that put us in position to share the good news of Jesus with others while we are going about our everyday routines.

Joining Jesus on His Mission begins Sunday, January 15, 2017 in worship but that’s not the only way to engage the series. You’re invited to also do the following as you take a next step in missional living and generous giving:

1. Attend a Sunday morning Bible study

Dig deeper into Scripture and the work of Jesus in relationships through an age appropriate discipleship class on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 a.m. at St. Luke. Click here for a list of adult discipleship classes.

2. Read the Joining Jesus on His Mission

Rev. Greg Finke’s book, Joining Jesus on His Mission, will help you understand the mission of God in a way that makes joining Jesus on his mission feel more achievable. Greg’s book surveys the landscape of our current culture, assesses the state of the church in reaching that culture, and lays out practical tools for being an everyday missionary. Pick up a copy of Joining Jesus on His Mission at the St. Luke Welcome Desk for a suggested donation of $10 or purchase online as an e-book.

3. Join a Home Group

Joining Jesus on his everyday mission happens in the context of real life. And sometimes you need a little help from friends to take a next step in real life missional living. Home Groups are gatherings of 4-6 families that meet in a neighborhood home to build relationships, take worship into the week, and see what good they might do in their local community. If you are not in a home group, Click Here to find and join the group nearest you.

4. Read the Gospel of Matthew

When Jesus invites your to come and follow him, he is inviting you to know and respond to his story. We’ll be reading his story in the Gospel of Matthew during our series. A reading plan for Matthew’s Gospel will be in the weekly Taking Worship Home sheets you receive in worship. Join us in reading and get to know Jesus a little better.

5. Support Missional Activity

  • Pray for the Guatemala Mission Team going to work with Groundwork Guatemala from January 21-28, 2017.
  • Bring supplies to St. Luke for the Guatemala Mission Team or St. Luke’s Homeless Shelter Week by Sunday, January 15, 2017. Visit the table for both groups in the St. Luke lobby to find obtain a needs list.
  • Make a special gift for missional activity at St. Luke.

6. Get ready to join Jesus in your “neighborhood”

  1. Jesus is already actively working in the lives of your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc. As we near the end of our series, everyone at St. Luke will be encouraged to engage in something missional in their community. Don’t worry! You’ll receive plenty of support and encouragement as you decide what Jesus is inviting you to join him in doing. And we’ll have a chance to celebrate and share what where we see Jesus in our missional opportunities.