By Roxanne Smith

Joseph was the kind of guy who followed God’s law but added to it a heart of mercy. When he heard God speak to him, he took action. He did not seek the spotlight but was ready to serve others. Even though Joseph faced very challenging circumstances, he held onto God’s big picture promises.

When I heard Pastor Rossow describe Joseph, I realized that God has given me a Joseph in my husband Andy. Like Joseph, Andy’s life was changed at the time of marriage. Joseph’s fiancé Mary became pregnant, and he was not the father. Andy’s fiancé—me—became disabled by severe pain during our engagement.

Joseph faced a choice: divorce Mary quietly, or go through with the marriage in the face of very shocking circumstances. Andy faced a choice: break off his engagement to me, or radically alter his dream of what marriage would look like.

Both men sought God’s leading in their lives. Both men were faithful to God’s call. You know the story of Joseph. He and Mary raised God’s only Son. Joseph led the family to Egypt to escape the danger of Herod’s rage.

Andy’s story has been one of service to me and to our son Jakob. It’s not easy having a disabled wife. For our 23 year marriage, Andy has been the main breadwinner and an encourager for me. He’s changed diapers, cooked meals, driven carpools, and performed countless tasks.

Joseph didn’t seek the spotlight. Neither did Andy. When he finished his Master’s Degree in Language and International Trade, he turned down a higher paying business position because it would require him to travel overseas. Andy knew he was needed at home. He continued teaching high school German and History, and he contents himself with that.

When Pastor Rossow finished his sermon, Jakob and I turned Andy and said, “That’s you. He’s talking about you.”

Isn’t it interesting that God seems to value men who lay down their lives for their families? And He seems to help them when they do that.

Even though both Joseph and Andy faced very challenging circumstances, they held onto God’s big picture promises. Neither one really knew what the future would bring. But God met them there, in the place of their uncertainty, with His strength, encouragement, and hope. He reminded them that He is faithful.

He promises to do the same for you.

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