Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, April 1

By Rachael Varblow

Read John 1:14-18

I was grumpily driving my kids to Chelsea. We usually start our day with prayer, and if we don’t have time at home, will do so in the car.

This day, I was stewing about the kids’ bad behavior and didn’t feel one bit like praying. Then one of my sons asked if we were going to pray. In my bad mood, I was tempted to brush him off with a snide remark. But, pray we did.

Then he began to ask questions. One question led to another and by the end of the drive that child had turned his heart to Christ and my grouchiness had changed to pure elation.

It’s what we want for our kids more than anything in the world: that they would find and know Christ and grow in an ever deeper relationship with Him.

I love today’s reading because it tells the story of how this is possible, the story of our salvation, a story that we share with our children as we pray that God draw them to Him. The Word (that means Jesus) became flesh (a person) and lived here on earth among us.

We have seen His glory full of grace and truth. No one has seen the Father, but the Son has made him known.

God is known to each of us at some level, but there is always more to know. The closer we get to Him, the more we know Him, the more we want to know. He reveals himself, different aspects of His character and bits of His plans, as we grow in Him.

We want this growth not only for our children, but for ourselves, growing closer to Him each and every day.

Family discussion

In what ways is God known to you? In what ways have you seen His glory?

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