During the Lenten Season this year, we will be in retro mode as we examine the old, old story with fresh eyes and ears.

The Sundays in Lent – Questions God Asks

Many of the great philosophers of ancient Greece instructed their followers (disciples) by asking questions. Contemplating the questions of their masters, these learners were guided into a deeper understanding of the world around them. The questions led them to a discovery of “the truth.”

Long before these ancients discovered this teaching methodology, God, who created humankind, used questions to teach and guide His own to a discovery of His truth.

Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, are liberally sprinkled with dialogue between God and man that is framed around key questions asked by God. These questions lead us into a deeper spiritual understanding and awareness. As we journey to the cross during the Sundays in Lent we will be focusing on some of these Questions God Asks, as we pray God the Holy Spirit will guide us into a deeper understanding of Who Jesus Is, Why He Came, and What He is Doing in My Life.

The Wednesdays of Lent – The Ancient Voices

The observance of a special time of the year, in preparation for the Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus The Christ (Easter) has been a part of the worship life of the church since ancient times. Traces of this “special time” show up almost immediately in the post-Apostolic church and by 325 AD this “spring time for the soul” was highly developed in the Church.

During our special Lenten Midweek Services, we will be hearing what many of the ancients heard during this time of the year as we turn our attention to the prescribed readings (called The Lectionary) of the ancient church. Just as our forefathers in the faith heard, so we too shall hear the Ancient Voices of the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John as we journey to the cross.

Sunday Series – Questions God Asks

2/18     Lent 1 – Adam, where are you?

2/25     Lent 2 – Where is your brother?

3/4     Lent 3 – Do you want to get well?

3/11     Lent 4 – Which is easier?

3/18     Lent 5 – Do you want to leave me, too?

3/25     Lent 6 – What shall I say?

3/29     Maundy Thursday – Could you not keep watch?

3/30     Good Friday – Why have you forsaken me?

4/1     Easter – Whom do you seek?


Midweek Series – Ancient Voices

2/14 – Ash Wednesday – God’s Plan (Mark 10)

2/21 – Baptism/Temptation (Mark 1)

2/28 – Jesus predicts His death (Mark 8)

3/7– Jesus cleanses the temple (John 2)

3/14 – Moses and the Snake (John 3)

3/21 – Passion prediction (Mark 10)