By Justin Rossow

Our Lenten Thy Will Be Done theme will shape our worship and prayers over this season of preparing for Good Friday and Easter. In the midst of that prayerful focus on God’s will, St. Luke is also in the midst of a vision process. Those two themes come together in our Sunday Morning Adult Discipleship hour.

Beginning on the first Sunday of Lent, March 5, our 9:45 a.m. discipleship hour in the Great Room will help equip our congregation to continue healthy conversations about our future. As we pray for God’s will to be done on our vision process we will also engage in teaching and dialogue intended to help us move forward following Jesus together.

  • Sunday, March 5 Pastor Justin Rossow will take us through the Vision Frame tool and debrief our recent Wet Cement session. Understanding the parts of the Vision Frame will help us use shared language as we talk about where Jesus is leading us next.


  • Sunday, March 12 Pastor Matt Hein will share the Invitation/Challenge Matrix, a way of talking about how we experience any challenge, including change. Discussing where we are as individuals and as a congregation will help us work together to implement healthy change.


  • Sunday, March 19  Pastor Dan Flynn will help us individually share a personal faith story and Jesus’ place in that story. In this way, we will  learn more about each other, and also practice sharing Jesus in our own story in non-threatening ways.


  • Sunday, March 26  Pastor Matt will help us identify and share our personal values. Our congregational values will be distinct from, but also reflect, the individual values of the congregation’s members. Expressing your personal values will help you see where you connect with St. Luke best.


  • Sunday, April 2  Pastor Justin will share the work from our Vision Pathway Team on the values of our congregation. Your input is absolutely necessary to keeping our vision process on track and moving forward.


  • Sunday, April 9  Pastor Dan will help us identify The Power of the Other and give an overview of relational dynamics. Understanding how we typically interact with others and knowing healthy patterns for interaction will help us have healthy conversations as we move forward together.


Lent is always a time of repentance and renewed dependence on Jesus. This Lent, we are experiencing repentance and dependence as a congregation as we look for where Jesus is taking us next. Please keep St. Luke in your prayers this Lent, as we seek God’s Kingdom will and ask that it be done in and through us. And then join us on this journey of faith as we learn and interact in our Sunday Adult Discipleship hour.


Your story matters to our story together as we keep our eyes open for where Jesus’ story is taking us next.