By Dawn Milz- presenter on Saturday at A Chocolate Life Women’s Retreat

While I was thinking of what to share with you I thought of my life, my family, my friends and how the “mixing and baking” of many of those people have influenced me. It truly was amazing that the “art of baking” has been woven into my life so very much!

As a little girl enjoying birthday cakes and learning how to make them…to a high school girl who met her future husband when both were working at a family-owned bakery for their after-school job…to a grandmother who is now passing along the joy of mixing and baking to her grandchildren!

So due to the wonderful people who have come in and out of my life and the experiences I have had throughout the last 68 years, the ingredients of my cake are unique. We all have a different and special blend of “ingredients” in our “cupboard” that we can use to make both edible cakes and that all important “life cake”!

I am a mix of my grandmothers. They were very different. One Grandma was quiet, reflective, reserved and strong in spirit while the other was outspoken, direct, matter-of-fact and strong-willed! They both loved their family dearly and showed that love in different ways.

When I visited my maternal grandmother, Gramma Sy, I just knew it was going to be peaceful, quiet and comfortable. I might spend the time gathering raspberries from the garden, playing a card game or sitting quietly listening to her tales about growing up with nine sisters!

When I visited my paternal grandmother, Gramma Sadie, I never knew what to expect! Her house was always brimming with activity and people; she would be handing out directives to everyone, enjoying a good laugh, telling folks to just “pull up their boot straps and keep on moving” and planning the next big party! One minute I would be getting a hug and the next minute she would be handing me a broom and telling me to sweep the sidewalk!

One Gramma cooked peacefully by herself; one preferred to host a pot luck dinner!

This is a portion of Dawn’s presentation for Saturday of the retreat. Join us at A Chocolate Life Women’s Retreat on Oct. 10-11 as we continue to discover (with Dawn and others) those ingredients that help to  “bake our life cake,” as we strive to follow Jesus.

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