By Janie Harshe, Confirmation Class of 2014

The verse I chose for my confirmation faith statement was 2 Samuel 22:29 which says “You are my lamp O Lord, the Lord turns my darkness into light.”

This verse is important to me because it’s a promise.  It promises me that Jesus is here for me no matter what.  It says that if I make a mistake and am going on a path that I don’t want to be on I can flee to Jesus and he will turn me back towards light, even when no one else can.  I trust and believe this promise.

This verse also challenges me.  It makes me try harder to go to God the Father with my problems because he knows what’s best for me.  It also challenges me to surround myself with Godly people because they will help set me on the right path even when its not the most cool or popular thing to do.

If I’m having trouble making the right decision, I will pray instead of trying to fix it myself, because I am not capable of living my life without Jesus. I will challenge myself and think of this verse if there is ever temptation to do wrong things.

I trust that Jesus will keep this promise of keeping me out of the dark. I trust that God loves me and looks at me with Grace, even though I am nowhere near perfect.

My response to these promises is to try to live my life the way Jesus would want me to.  Even though I know it is not possible to live a 100 percent perfect life and I am going to make mistakes all the time, He died on the cross for my sins then resurrected from the dead. Now I can live freely, trying my hardest to live a Godly life.

My verse connects to me very well and I chose it for lots of reasons.  I believe the words of this verse and will turn to them whenever I feel myself heading the wrong way.  I believe that Jesus is always here for me.