By Ted and Becky Jungkuntz

Multiple times in the Easter accounts the risen Lord Jesus shows up to disciples hiding in fear behind “locked doors.” There are all kinds of locked doors or walls that we might be trapped behind–walls of fear, disease, isolation, separation, grief, sadness, loneliness … the list goes on and on.

One of the messages of Easter is that Jesus is not stopped by a locked door or a wall. He comes right through that door of fear or that wall of isolation and says, “Peace be with you.”

MOST Ministries is carrying out a continuation of that ministry of Jesus to people living behind locked doors and behind tall walls. A team of six (including three from the St. Luke sites: Pat Carlson and Pastor Ted and Becky Jungkuntz) will become flesh and blood representatives of Jesus to both Christian and Muslim residents of Bethlehem.

Entering through a 25-foot-high security wall separating Israel from Palestine, the MOST Team will present a three-day workshop on “Best Care Practices” for people struggling with the impact of dementia from Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The immediate recipients will be a mix of health care professional and volunteers who in turn can teach others how best to serve with love and dignity people who are struggling with dementia.

The wall of concrete is an apt metaphor for people who feel trapped by this disease and for their loved ones who want to open the doors to communicate love in the midst of their suffering. It’s also a vivid picture of the fear that so often separates Christians and Muslims. As a team we are convinced that Jesus wants to use our words and our deeds to penetrate the walls of fear behind which people on both sides of the wall are hiding.

Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” We covet your prayers as we prepare to go where Jesus is sending us.

The dates for the mission trip are May 31 – June 8. If you are interested in supporting this trip financially, please send a check to MOST Ministries with Jungkuntz Team #1434 in the memo or click on  MOST  to donate online.