by Dan Flynn

When I do premarriage counseling with young couples I tell them, “Marriage takes a lot of work.” They nod in agreement but I know they don’t quite understand but they will. It doesn’t mean marriages are always difficult or lack joy but they do take considerable energy to be healthy.

When I work with these loving young couples who are certainly excited about a wedding and a marriage, I want them to carry the idealism and excitement of getting married but I also want them to hear it takes continuous work to have a healthy Christian marriage.

I do believe it is imperative that a Christian community like St. Luke Lutheran Church provide ongoing encouragement for couples. The world in which we live is sending out a very confusing message on what marriage actually is and what a healthy relationship actually is.

Over the years Gail and I have done marriage retreats with couples from our congregation and we have encouraged couples to go to marriage events like Rock Your Marriage last year when we partnered with New Life Church and other congregations in Ann Arbor.

I’m asking two things of couples in our congregation, no matter your season of marriage: engaged, newly married, have a bunch of years into marriage, or a veteran couple of 30+ years–to participate in marriage enrichment. We are providing in February and March two great experiences.

  • Starting on February 22, at both St. Luke and Living Water there will be a six-week marriage study called L.O.V.E. by Les and Leslie Parrott. This is a DVD-based study that Mike and Judy Maynard will facilitate at St. Luke and Scott and Kelly Bone will host at Living Water. This course will include a $20 inventory that you take online. I’ve seen the series. Its good and will encourage your marriage.
  • On Friday evening, March 13, we will be having Jay and Laura Lafoon speak. This will be an outstanding evening for a nominal cost. Angel Food catering will be providing dinner prior to the event.

Please participate in these two events. Take the time and encourage your relationship. I know you both will be empowered and strengthened.