As St. Luke searches for a Minister of Discipleship, the following people have been asked to help guide the process and bring back recommendations to the congregation. You can read more about this new discipleship position in an article by Pastor Rossow, available here. If you have someone you would like to suggest as a candidate, please fill out the Candidate Information Form.

Please join us in praying for the call committee and for our congregation as we seek God’s direction and timing.

Here are the members of the call committee:


grandkidsdRick Darragh

Rick Darragh and his wife Debbie have been members of St. Luke since 1984, long enough to raise their family here and see them raising their families at St. Luke as well.  Rick currently serves as a site elder at St. Luke–Ann Arbor, a member of our Site Advisory Team (SAT), and is serving as the Chairman of the call committee for the Minister of Discipleship position.

“I am looking forward to see the person God will provide for us to help us individually, everyday follow Jesus more closely.  I am particularly excited about the resource this person will be to families.  I see this person assisting St. Luke families in passing on an active faith to the next generation.” –Rick


Deborah Glenn

Deborah has been a member of St. Luke for 28 years.  She is currently the Chancel Coordinator and serves on a Communion Team. She and her husband Eric continue to grow in their faith at St.Luke while teaching their daughter Michaela about Christ.

“I am excited about increasing discipleship among our membership and continuing to foster a real sense of community as followers o f Jesus.  I see this person as someone who will actively provide leadership and fellowship as we continue to reach in and reach out.” — Deborah


PhotoMMichaela Glenn

Michaela Glenn is 13 years old and in 8th grade at St. Paul Lutheran School.  She has been attending St. Luke from birth and will be confirmed this Spring.  She has served as an acolyte and currently works in the nursery and is on an usher team.

“I am excited to be a part of the call process.  I am interested in learning more about how the processes work in the church.  It is a great feeling to be able to serve God’s church in this way.   I think teaching  young children about Jesus is very important.   I see this person as working closely with families so that our youth will increase their faith and follow Jesus with joy.” –Michaela




Noah Gustafson

Noah Gustafson, son of Ed and Claudia, is an almost 15 year-old at St. Luke-Ann Arbor. He was baptized and confirmed at St. Luke where his parents were also married.  Noah is involved in Sunday night youth group, Wednesday night teen boys bible study, and serves as an usher.  He’s participated in multiple youth retreats, In His Service, and last summer’s National Youth Gathering in Texas.  He was also instrumental in making sure his family went with Pastor Dan to Israel in 2012.

“I’m excited to learn how this new guy will help me improve my walk with Jesus.  I hear that the years ahead can be rough and challenging and I’m hoping he will help us as young adults navigate those challenges.  I’m also looking forward to experiencing his fun personality with the youth.  Most of all I hope to see him encouraging me on how to draw new people into the church.” –Noah


PhotoSSam Iaquinto

Sam, Anne, Sam Jr. and Spencer Iaquinto have been members of Living Water since 2007.  Sam serves Living Water as a greeter, serves communing and ushers.  Sam believes Living Water is having a very beneficial christian impact serving the Whitmore Lake Community.

“I am excited to see the impact the Minister of Discipleship will have on Living Water, ULC, and St. Luke, in bringing all of us to a deeper following of Christ.  I pray that this call committee will be guided through God’s voice and recommend to the membership the best person to work with Pastor Rossow.” -Sam

PhotoKNKelsey Naab

Kelsey Naab is the wife of Adam Naab, daughter-in-law of Chris and Joan Naab.  She attends and sings at the University Lutheran Chapel site.  Kelsey has also served by traveling with the Mexicali Mission Team as a translator in 2013.

“I feel very blessed to have been called to serve on this committee.  I see this as an opportunity to help further develop connections between all of our congregations.  I hope that who we call will not only be a blessing to St. Luke, but a blessing to ULC and Living Water as well.” -Kelsey


Krissa Rumsey

PhotoKKrissa Rumsey has been a member of St. Luke since 1987, when she joined as a high school student, having moved to Ann Arbor from Utah with her parents, Pat and Dave Carlson. She is married to Jim and has two daughters: Ella (age 11) and Josie (almost 10). Krissa has served St. Luke as Sunday School teacher, as a member of the SAT, and is on the  usher team. She is also a member of the Family Friendly Partners Network (FFPN) leadership team, which was formed to learn new strategies for equipping homes and families to be the center of faith formation.

 “I am honored to serve on the Call Committee as we assist St. Luke in discerning God’s will for who our next ministry team member will be! I envision that the person God sends will ultimately help care for our members, and strengthen and support their faith development throughout all of life’s messy and joyful stages.” -Krissa



Austin Thomason

Austin has been a member of St. Luke for 18 years. He spends most of his time at SLAA but is a familiar face at all three sites, having served each one individually at some point. You can usually find him behind a drum set or camera, as he serves most frequently in those ways.

I’m excited about what God has in store for the next decade at this church. It’s been at least a few years since we’ve been fully staffed and I can’t wait to see what this place looks like when it’s firing on all cylinders again. Watch out, St. Luke!


JPRJustin Rossow

Justin has been pastor and site leader at St. Luke-Ann Arbor since January of 2013. He and his wife Miriam are blessed with four wonderful children: Naomi (12), Liz (10), Kate (7), and Caleb (3). In the last year, the St. Luke community has become a real faith family for the Rossows!

“I firmly believe that discipleship is the engine that drives kingdom mission forward. As we know, trust, and follow Jesus more and more, we will continue to grow in our ability to Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out. I’m excited to welcome another leader to our St. Luke multi-site!”