Pictured, left to right: Jim Sorgatz, Lauren Fink, Auxano Navigator Jeff Meyer, Bill Mahler, Julie Dunmire, Mike Hassey, Rebecca Hasey, Justin Rossow, Matt Hein, Phyllis Taylor, Rick Darragh, Aaron Johnson, (Krissa Rumsey not pictured) 

By Lauren Fink

Who is the Vision Pathway Team? Great question. 

We’re stay at home moms, working women, pastors, breadwinning dads, and retirees. We’re married and not married. We have children and don’t have children. We’re young and old. We’re native Michiganders and we’re not.

We attend first service and second service. We’re elders, teachers, volunteers, coordinators, ushers, and regular attenders. We became members in 1976, 1997, 2014, and in between.  We teach Sunday school, attend Sunday school, and sometimes attend Sunday school. We’ve been Lutherans all our life, and we’ve been Lutherans for just a few years.

We’re ballroom dancers. We’re fly fishermen. We’re euchre players. We’re introverts and extroverts. We’re engineers, marketing specialists, homeschoolers, and university fundraisers. We play trombone, we play double bass, and we don’t play an instrument. We prefer to talk and we prefer to listen. We like whiskey and cigars. And we don’t like whiskey and cigars.  

We’re inspired by Jesus’ love. We’re inspired by His compassion for all people. We’re inspired by His omniscience, even if we don’t see things clearly. We’re inspired Jesus wants our close relationship with Him and with others. We’re comforted by His complete control.

He’s called us to help our congregation through a time of transition. He’s called us to be reconcilers in a world of division. He’s called us to roles that challenge us, to see new possibilities, and to be servants.

We are sinners. We are in desperate need of a Savior. We are born again in Spirit. We believe in Jesus as our Redeemer and the Door to eternal life. We try to serve Him humbly. We fail and confess. We desire His will and not our own. 

We are you, St. Luke.

And we need your voice! Anyone in the St. Luke family is invited to take 5 minutes to fill out the survey below to help our Vision process. Your spirit-led honesty is valuable. You can also contact one of the Vision Pathway Team members you know or introduce yourself to someone new. We want to hear what you are thinking and we are excited to share the conversation with you.

And we need your prayers! Please pray for our team. We will meet with our navigator for 60 total hours between October and June. Please pray for God’s truth, clarity, stamina, and selflessness upon our team as we walk this journey together.

Have questions? Check out this blog on the Vision Frame process. 

And stay tuned! Vision conversations and progress will be shared on our St. Luke blog throughout the process. Future “wet cement events” will also allow the congregation to have input as the planning begins to take shape.

Your opinion matters! Give us your input:  Fill out the Survey here.