By Amy Balzer-Pemberton

Ah, Summer is finally here and I keep thinking, we’ll have time for ALL the things on our Bucket List. Yeah, right. I sometimes lose sight of what our time as a family is really about … making lasting memories. Below are some great resources for your memory making:

1. Summer Reading Bucket List
I love this idea–reading in different places, specific type of subjects … who doesn’t love reading to a pet? It’s a fun twist to a summer reading program.

2. Michigan Activity Pass
Our amazing state has revamped the “Michigan Activity Pass” allowing library cardholders throughout the state to gain free or discounted access to over 385 sites and events. Check out this article on–and then visit the online system to see all the options.

3. Check out Michigan Bucket List Compilations

4. Other Free/Low Cost Activities in the Area

5. Additional Online Resources

  • I follow this blogger on Facebook–she is always updating with activities for kids in the Ann Arbor area.

Do you have anything you’d add to the list?

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