We’re excited to share this App with members and guests alike, with this App we’d like to be able to connect with you more, whether that’s seeing our church schedule, using the sermon notes or giving online with a few easy taps. We’ve compiled some tips and guides on how to use the App and any questions you might have. For additional help or questions please email us.

Click Here to Download the App

Taking Worship Home
This link will take your to our digital “Taking Worship Home” sheets. You will be able to fill in prompts and questions in the App. To view other “Taking Worship Home” sheets click the link “More Notes” in the top left corner of the screen. If you would like to save your notes to read for another time you can send and save them to your email, or send to a friend, at the bottom of the page. Just enter the email address and click send!

If you missed a sermon or just need a refresher you can visit our YouTube channel.



Click on the grey “$0” and enter in your desired amount you’d like to give. You can then specify what the offering is being applied to, ex: General Fund, Debt Reduction, Quarterly Missions, Etc. You can also decide to make the gift recurring.

The first time you make a gift it will ask for your phone number and address. You will be prompted to make a passcode. When you decide to give again you will only need to type in your phone number and it will ask you for your passcode. After these steps you will be asked for your card information. After the transaction a receipt will be sent to your phone.

The first time you Check-In on a device it will tell you a profile is required. It will then prompt you to create a profile. Please make sure you use the same email as your Connect profile. You can add details like the name of the event and any comment you might about the event you attended. You can also add a photo if you’d like!


Connect Card
Exactly like the Connect Card in our pews. If you’d like to make a prayer request are interested in membership or would like to contact a pastor you can fill these in and send them to the office


Clearly see what is happening in the church. The calendar displays events from the beginning through the end of the month. The arrow in the top right raised and lowers the monthly calendar. You will only be able to view events on the mobile app. If you’d like to request a room you will have to log into Connect on your computer or contact the office.


Here you will find registration forms for upcoming events.When you click on a form to register it will ask you to log into your Connect Profile. From there you will be asked to fill in the registration form.


Follow Us
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