By Bridget Wolk

I always thought a “pilgrimage” would be where one has to leave home to discover God’s world.  However, after hearing Pastor Dan’s sermon, I realized that I go on my own pilgrimage every workday and I go no further than the church parking lot across the street. It starts at 5:25 AM. That’s when I head out the door to run and have what I call my God time. It’s all about prayer.

While I’m going down the driveway I start with “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Sometimes, mostly, I have to say it twice because I get distracted. Then I ask God for His hedge of protection from animals, people, and vehicles. It can be scary going out in the dark.

My hour is spent praying for anyone that pops into my mind.  It’s mostly family and friends, but sometimes its for people that I haven’t seen or thought about in a long time. Sometimes He asks me to pray for some of the people in the vehicles going down the road. People I can’t see because it is dark, but none the less they apparently need prayer. Sometimes it’s for the ornery people I work with.

Another part of my God time is spent praising Him for the life He has given me. I thank him for my wonderful family, I go over the steps I had to take to bring me to Christ, and how my work life has progressed to the point it is now. I’ve had many struggles in life, but God loved me enough to get me through it all.

Then I ask for forgiveness; for things I know I’ve done wrong and for things that I am completely unaware of. I ask Him to open my eyes to see where I can be of service to others. Then I ask Him to help me step out of my “box” to do what needs to be done. That one is really hard. When I return, I am full of praise to the Lord. Praise for giving me the will and ability to run, for hot water, clean cloths, and a very attentive dog that missed me while I was gone. Then I ask Him to provide me with a safe trip to work.

After listening to the sermon I want to add contentment to my prayer list. I want to be content with the things God has given me, the places he has put me, and the things he has left or taken away from me. He is all I need to be content.

What does your pilgrimage look like? You don’t have to look or go very far!