By Peter Moisan


The worship time really impacted me. Throughout the week the theme was “Live Loved” and how we are beloved by God. The first night we asked the all-important question, “What is love?” and answered resolvedly with “God is Love.” However the night that really hit me and reflected on my faith walk was the second night. That night we talked about how in our lives there are “distractions” or temptations that can pull us away from our walk with God. While I was sitting there and watching these two kids on stage “play out” this reality to us, a verse was going through my head. Matthew 26: 41 … “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” To me, that verse encompasses my humanity and my faith. My spirit/faith wants to do everything with God, for God, help everyone I can in the name of Jesus. However, my body, my humanity gets distracted by a cute girl that walks down the street, trying to get what I want, trying to impress those who would want me to faultier in my faith. As I sat there, watching these kids struggle and get pulled away farther and farther from God. I saw myself in their place. This hit me hard, very hard, but it was not all “doom and gloom.” A few days later, they reminded us of the fact that Jesus is ALWAYS here for us and died for all of our sins, my sins.

Interest Centers

The break-out sessions that I went to were insightful to me. I chose ones that I would enjoy and find thought provoking. I went to a “workshop” on the end times and how other religions view the End. Having Revelations as my favorite book, I was interested on how non-Christians may view the coming end. I learned that in Russia there is one that says the world will become socialist then communist, then everyone will just do the right thing because they had been doing it for so long. Or how in the Quran, it says all will become Muslim and the world will become one and be at peace. Also, that there are over 100 “war verses” that say Muslims should kill all nonbelievers. However, most Muslims do not practice those verses. This session was very interesting and it made me think throughout the rest of the day that I am blessed to believed that God will come and take me up to heaven just because He loves me, and I love him.

The Week’s Theme – Live Love(d)

Live Love(d) is something I believe we should hear a lot more, and after this long trip it only confirmed my belief. Throughout my time in public schools or in “the world” I have seen a lot of people that are hurt, and not loved. I have even seen Christians live like they are not loved by anyone. I have felt at time I have had no one who was supporting me. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the theme due to the fact that it reminded me that I am loved by the one who is love, and this comforted me.


Having spent about 9 days with the same 16 people, was a real testament to self-control. However, we did make some great memories that will never leave our heads and ones we will tell our children. As we went through state after state, all of us laughed, saw things we had never seen before, and grew a little more close to one another. By the end of the trip we were all very anxious to get home and to get out of those vans, as one would expect. Many inside jokes, songs, and scenes will make all those who went on this trip giggle, laugh, or continue to amaze all of us.