January is known as a month of new beginnings. I want to share with you a new beginning in my life that will impact the operations at St. Luke. My husband, Todd, is part of a team that has been developing a new online ministry resource for churches called the Mission Partners Platform (MPP). I have been volunteering as the finance manager for this project. However, now that the site is getting ready to go live, the MPP board has offered me the opportunity to work with the ministry in a part-time position. After prayerful consideration, I decided to accept their offer. However, I do not want to stop working here at St. Luke. I talked with Pastor John, and we have decided that I will also work part-time at St. Luke. I will continue to work with the finances and human resources while my other responsibilities will be reassigned. St. Luke is Todd’s and my home church so I will continue to be in worship on Sundays. There is a new team being developed to greet people on Sunday mornings called the First Impressions Team (FIT). I will be volunteering to be on FIT as I really enjoying greeting people on Sunday mornings. If you like people and enjoy talking, please consider joining this important ministry team with me.

Please know that this opportunity with MPP just became available recently so we have not worked out all of the details. However, we wanted the congregation to be informed of why some changes will be made in the upcoming weeks. My job will move to part-time on January 16, 2022, but our goal is to have everything switched over before then to give us the time to work out any issues. Thank you for all of the support you have given me here at St. Luke. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all.

Pastor John here: I’m grateful that the Lord has given Susan a new opportunity to continue the ministry He has given her, and like you, grateful she will continue to serve him among us in a new, part-time capacity. If you’re not aware of what a treasure and asset she is to all we do at St. Luke, you soon will be, as we strive to reassign many of her activities among the staff and volunteers. We’ll adjust and move forward with confidence, and your prayers and patience will be wonderful to have.