Lenten Devotion for Friday, March 7

By Paul Easterday

Read John 18:10-14

Just as Jesus obeyed His Father’s will (even when it meant He was arrested), we obey and respect our parents.

We pray: Dear Jesus, You have given us our parents to love us, protect us, and teach us how to live. Please open our hearts as we learn from Your words and actions in the Bible. Amen.


Play “Follow the Leader” or “Simon Says.” If you have older kids, consider playing “Extreme Simon Says” where the actions are ramped up in their silliness and level of difficulty. Make sure to let everyone have a chance to be the leader!

When you’ve had fun playing for a few minutes, get some discussion going with these or similar questions:

  • What did it feel like to follow the leader?
  • How did it feel different to follow?
  • Do you ever have a hard time listening to what others (such as parents) tell you to do?

Reading: Say something like, “In our reading today, Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemane. While He is there the guards come to arrest him. As we read, listen for the ways that Jesus chooses to obey His Father in heaven.”

Read: John 18:10-14


  • In what ways did you hear Jesus being obedient?
  • Do you think it was difficult to be obedient when that meant getting arrested?


Say something like, “Ultimately Jesus’ obedience led to His death on the cross for our sins. He obeyed His Father and died on the cross to save us! Because Jesus was obedient, we are forgiven when we disobey.”

  • What is one way we can remember to obey our parents this week?
  • When we forget to listen and obey, what should we do? (forgive each other and remind one another that through Jesus our sins are forgiven!)

We pray: Dear Jesus, thank You for loving us so much that You died in order to forgive our sins. Please help us to remember to obey our parents just like You obeyed the Father. Most of all help us to remember that even when we mess up, You still love us and we are forgiven. Amen.