By Dan Flynn

For the last couple of years the Living Water community has gathered in homes on Maundy Thursday. We all bring some food for a potluck and then we recall and celebrate communion.

Each year we do this I hear only a good word on how special the evening really is in recalling the gift of the sacrament. Each home in a very real way becomes an upper room filled with believers who are choosing to pause from a very busy day of work and school to remember. We remember the Passover preparation. We remember the washing of feet by Jesus and we remember the gathering at the table. There at the table, Jesus gives a gift that will be done until He returns for us one day.

And this gift of body and blood, bread and wine, makes us one. In this gift, Jesus creates a oneness around him. We receive forgiveness and the Holy Spirit builds faith. In this act, Jesus calls us who believe into body oneness. It is an extraordinary gift offered at an ordinary Passover meal.

We at Living Water are now recalling that oneness and receiving that gift. Please take a look at this video that was shared in the homes on Maundy Thursday. You’ll see my young 12 year old friend, Isaac, talk about the lego cars he made and what these cars symbolize in our oneness of faith.

May this video give you something to ponder about your own Holy Week journey.

Blessings on the walk.

Pastor Dan