By Marieanne Rose

We had been a vibrant, growing people, thriving and enjoying a powerful move of God…when – somehow – we got off track and found ourselves in a very dark place.  Whatever awesome things had been happening…came to an end.  We woke up to discover we were in pain…broken…with our unity shattered…feeling wounded, abandoned, and afraid.

What would become of us? The sheep were scattered to many different places and for various reasons.  It was surreal – unbelievable – how could this have happened to us…to St. Luke?

In the middle of our hopelessness – far in the distance, a few heard a quiet trumpet…it came from a far away place…and – in response – they retreated to a quiet room, closed the door, and began to seek God.  The trumpet increased in volume and others responded…groups were formed…saints faithfully meeting to pray together…some alone…others using their lunch hours for this holy mission…fasting…all with one purpose…desperately calling on God for help and deliverance.  We were sincerely repenting – turning back to God – acknowledging our sin and rebellion, crying out for His mercy!

As the trumpet continued, out…from the shadows stepped a flawed vessel…with a Sword in his hand!  He had been wounded himself, but his heart was filled with love for God’s people and He had a willingness to serve.  Sacrificially, he stepped into that empty place – and became the shepherd we desperately needed.  He began to proclaim truth…the truth we had to hear.

His messages brought correction, inspiration, vision, hope, love, and new life.  As he stood before us week after week, we came out of our shadows…cautiously, at first…and then, courageously.  It began to feel safe.  We felt loved and protected again.  God’s love was being poured out fresh on us and we began to heal…as a people.

Why do we love Byron?  Because, when God called, he was willing to pay the price – BIG TIME!  It’s true that the Holy Spirit of God gets all the glory and the credit for everything that was accomplished during this time, and we – as a people – are sincerely grateful for Byron and all that he did for us as a people.  God used him to turn us around and to bring us back to a place of wholeness.

Soli Deo Gloria…Glory to God alone!