By Pat Carlson

Bread of Life

Iglesia Luterana Pan de Vida was started in 1995 by the Latino Mission Society as an outreach to Hispanics in Detroit under the direction of Deaconess Teresita Rodriguez. Their first location used to be a bakery, thus the origin of their name, Bread of Life, or Pan De Vida.

If you’ve ever made bread you know that it requires yeast or leaven in order for the bread to raise. But have you ever thought about the Kingdom of God while making bread? There it is in Matthew 13, “The Kingdom of God is like leaven…”

What was Jesus’ point? Just as it only takes a very small amount of leaven in our bread or pizza dough recipe to cause the whole dough to raise, God uses small things to cause His Kingdom to grow.

God uses small things to cause His Kingdom to grow.

He started with just twelve disciples. He counted on one woman at the well to be the first to tell the Samaritans that He is the living water, the Christ they’ve heard was coming.

Through the seed of Abraham God grew a nation. But most importantly through God’s one and only Son He saved the world. We want this message to be like leaven that grows and is shared with everyone around us.

VBS Mission Trip April 21-25

Perhaps you’ve heard that we putting together a team to Pan De Vida Lutheran Church in Mexican Town, Detroit, to provide VBS for the children in their community. VBS is scheduled during their spring break April 21-25. This is a wonderful opportunity God has put before us to share Jesus in a community with a foreign feel right in our own backyard. Since most of their church body works during the day they need our hands and feet to carry out this mission. But most of all it is a chance to glorify God through His marvelous working in us.

My favorite response from individuals who are considering going on a mission trip or who are responding to a specific role on a team is, “I’ve never done that before.” Then I respond with, “Perfect! That way there is no doubt that it is God who is doing it!” There is no greater ‘high’ than experiencing His equipping.

My second favorite response from individuals when we debrief after completing our mission is, “I never thought that I could do that!” That is when we praise God from whom all blessings flow.

“I’ve never done that before.” … “I never thought I could do that!”

You see, God is not going to abandon us or send us out uncared for or unprepared when we are trying to be obedient to His will. But there is no doubt it is an ‘ah hah’ moment to come to that realization.

Get Involved

Team registration deadline is January 21, but even if you can’t go on this trip, you can still be involved. With prayer and financial support the St. Luke community can help provide the bread of life that changes lives forever.

With questions or to sign up, please contact Pat Carlson or Carol Koch.

The cost for this mission trip is $300 per person. To support the team financially, please consider a $50, $100, or $300 gift. You can give online here. Simply designate your gift “MOST:MEXICAN TOWN VBS(DETROIT).”

You can also support this trip with your prayers. Or consider joining the team. Here are some of the specifics:

The Mission

  • Host is Pastor Gregory Lorenz
  • Pan De Vida Lutheran Church April 21-25 in the afternoon (specific time to be determined but ~1PM – 4:30PM)
  • Activities include Biblical storying, re-telling, activities the reinforce the message, song, and group games/activities
  • Prior to the event the team will distribute fliers in the community to invite the children to attend VBS
  • Possibility that the week will culminate in a program for parents either on Friday or at church on Sunday
  • www.mostministries.or/1431_michigan for additional information

Prayer Needs

  • That the Holy Spirit would prepare our hearts for this mission
  • That God would direct the planning of VBS that His message of salvation be proclaimed clearly
  • That God would build unity of spirit among the team members
  • That our faith would be exercised and growth take place
  • That the parents in Mexican Town respond to the invitation to send their children to VBS
  • That there will be participation of older youth from Pan De Vida to work alongside our team

Team Members’ Responsibilities

  • Read the team training materials
  • Have a servant’s heart
  • Complete the Servanthood bible Study.
  • Attend and participate in team meetings
  • Place a higher importance on team unity and the needs of those the team will serve than on one’s own needs or agenda
  • Pray for themselves, the team, the liaison, the host, and the people the team will serve.
  • Participate in commissioning service

Steps for Joining the Team

  • Notify Pat Carlson or Carol Koch who will submit your name to MOST
  • Complete the online registration  along with fee of $100 by January 21
  • The remaining cost of $200 per person will be due by the end of March.  It is possible that two people could share the position if an individual cannot participate all 5 days of VBS but MOST would need to know of this arrangement at the time of registration.
  • The team will receive financial support and plan fundraising activities, so please don’t refrain from participating because of cost.