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Setting the Theme

What is one thing you observed (watched) in your family as you grew up?

Yes, it can be funny or simply a chore you saw done weekly.


The Roman soldier was commanded to take Jesus from trial to trial. They watched how he behaved and how he spoke. They saw him hang from the cross and they watched an innocent man die. How are you watching?


Approaching God’s Word

Pray that God would open our hearts and lives to His Word.

Read Luke 23:1-9, 13-25


The Message

Either in Wednesday evening worship or by YouTube, engage the message for the week. The space below is intended for your personal notes and reflections.

From the reading who is watching Jesus.

How does one’s filter effect their watching? There are different groups with different perspectives.

The question for you and me, what filters do we bring into the story of Jesus that stop us from seeing who Jesus really is?


Digging Deeper

Discuss one or more of the following with a friend or family member:

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 describes how families raise godly children. Looking at the Christian community, how are we doing in raising faithful kids? Yes, I know this is a generalization.

It is all about watching. Typically, we see watching as passive. What do you think?

Are there skills to watching? If you think so, what are they?

Look at our lesson, Luke 23, who’s watching? What are the responses?

There are missing people. Who’s not there watching? Remember the trial happened throughout the night. People were in bed and now in the early morning they meet with Pilate.

Ultimately, the final word at the death came from a Roman Centurion, Luke 23:47-49. Note his confession and vs. 49 ends with the women watching. They bore witness and watched.


Daily   /      Word

Sunday: Deut. 6:6-9

Monday: Luke 23:1-9

Tuesday: Luke 23:13-25

Wednesday: Luke 20:9-20

Thursday: Luke 23:33-43

Friday: Luke 23:44-49

Saturday: Matthew 25:1-13


Prayer for the Week


Dear Jesus,

We get so easily distracted by all of the life stuff around us. And we don’t watch. You’ve called us to be constantly watching for your work in our world. In fact, you use us to do your good will and we don’t see because we don’t watch. Let us be the women at the crucifixion and the Roman Centurion who watche and they see your innocence. Let us be attentive to who you are in our lives today.

In Christ’s name.