Hold on tight! You are about to take a ride into Phyllis Wallace’s high-energy, colorful world.

The former host of the Lutheran Hour’s Woman to Woman radio show, Phyllis talks fast, thinks faster, and gets around the country encouraging women and men wherever she lands. A freelance writer, broadcaster and retreat speaker, Phyllis’ insights energize and inspire with the hope found in a personal relationship with Christ.  She’s a wife, mother of four, grandmother (Oma) to nine.” I mainly think of myself as a wife, a mom, and an Oma.” Yet when it comes to serving the Lord, she pauses frequently-and takes a stand.

When asked in an interview for Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly: “What’s your secret to being filled with so much energy?” Phyllis replies: “When my children were little I would spend my time with Jesus at night because it was quiet. It energized me and gave me a great night’s sleep. When I wake up, I do the Martin Luther thing; I make the sign of the cross on the forehead and the breast to remind myself of whose I am and in whose power I will be and move today.”

Finding herself an exhausted busy mom of four Phyllis would pray for “something more please!” A neighbor invited her to a Bible study in her home that encouraged her and soon the seed was planted to start a Bible study in her own home. The rest is history.

Phyllis led her “Wednesday Women” bible study for ten years where 100 women came from 14 different church backgrounds. “I didn’t know that God was growing me all along through this Bible study for what I ended up doing later in life, having a radio show. Writing the lessons and teaching, these things strengthened my faith and taught me about balancing my life.”

The invitation to host a radio show came from KFUO radio, the oldest continuous, Christian broadcasting station in America. Phyllis says: “They wanted to start women’s programming. I told them I didn’t know anything about radio and I talk too fast!” That’s where I really learned to juggle Phyllis says. I did a daily show for 600 programs. From there Phyllis moved on and created and hosted the “Woman to Woman” radio show, produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries, for 20 years and 1,400 programs until 2011. At their peak were on 420 stations, on XM radio and the Web around the world.

Phyllis has learned to; “toss all the plates in the air and grab onto the ones that go with my mission she says, which is to encourage the weary with words. I always ask God to make me tenderhearted so I can hear if somebody needs me who is not in my plans for the day. When I see the impossible things He has done with me professionally and personally, I realize I’m just reporting for duty. When something bad happens, and it always, does, I ask Him for the strength and wisdom to get through it, totally aware that He is at my side and that this season of my life is going to end up in a show or a talk or a book someday. That’s how His grace is at work in me.”

“And I’m learning a lot about resting in the stand that Jesus took for me when He hung on the cross. It didn’t look like He was standing. It looked like it was all over. And sometimes for me, it looks like it’s all over in this situation or that. And yet, I’m standing because He stood for truth and eternity for me!”

“I always imagined that others had the beauty, the bucks, and the brains. But God replaced my yearning for self-confidence with Christ-confidence. He took a slow-learner and transformed her into an encourager. God has this way of teaching us and then speaking through us to teach our lessons to others. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others with the comfort we received from God. So we just pass it on! I love that passing on part because once you get it; you’ve got something to share. And people are hungry for it!

Every woman has things going on in her life, and our heavenly Father wants to be there as part of it, to allow us to feel that tug from Him. That’s where we take a stand and clearly articulate God’s offer of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Join us on Saturday May 21st at 10:00 a.m. Meet Phyllis in person where she shares: 3 Secrets that could save your Life, your Sanity & your Relationships. As Phyllis says; “You might be surprised, you have options!”

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