by John Sproul

This Sunday during worship, I hope you will be ready to hold a picture or an image of someone who gave her or his life for our country in the course of war. Memorial Day is celebrated for that purpose: to remember, to honor and hold dear those who gave “the last full measure of devotion.”

Do you have a picture of someone in your family who has died in the service of freedom? Find it, and display it in the room where you’ll gather for worship this Sunday. If you don’t have a picture, have the kids draw one. If you’re unaware of ancestors who have served thus, go online and find an image of someone who fell so we might stand, print it, and display it.

When the time is right, I’ll ask everyone to reach out and hold those pictures, those images, so that we will remember them; so that we can give thanks to the One who created them, so that we, in remembering them, might forget to make war.

And one last thing: When you’re at the store this week to buy that which is essential, find the small American flags and buy a couple. I’ll share why on Sunday. – Pastor John