The scenes of Lent are familiar. The Upper Room, the Garden of Gethsemane, the halls of Pontius Pilate, and the hill of Golgotha—these are the places we remember when we meditate on our Lord’s Passion. Yet when Jesus enters a place, He never leaves it as He found it. The most troubling places in our lives become the most amazing places of God’s grace when Jesus visits them.


For this reason, we will read and contemplate Luke’s account of our Lord’s Passion on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 10), the Sundays of Lent, and Holy Week. Each time, we will read a different section of the story; and each time, Luke will take us to a different place, the places of the Passion.


Our focus, however, will not be on these physical places. Instead, we will gaze in wonder on the spiritual work that our Lord does there. Jesus will share His strength in our times of weakness. He will fill us with His praise in the midst of our sorrow. Week after week, we will enter the places of the Passion only to discover our Lord . . . waiting for us . . . willing to share with us a love that was set in place before the foundations of the world.


As you approach Sunday Lenten worship this year, prepare to enter into these places of devotion where your Lord will meet you, sharing with you His wondrous love that saves a fallen world.


Places of the Passion: Themes and Scripture


Ash Wednesday: “A Place at the Table for You” (Luke 22:1–13)


February 14: “The Upper Room: A Place of Service” (Luke 22:14–38)


February 21: “Gethsemane: A Place of Strength” (Luke 22:39–46)


February 28: “The Betrayal: A Place of Eternal Love” (Luke 22:47–53)


March 6: “The Courtyard: A Place of Renewal” (Luke 22:54–62)


March 13: “The Trial: A Place of God’s Will” (Luke 22:63–23:25)


March 20: “The Passion: A Place of Seeking and Saving” (Luke 23:26-49)


Maundy Thursday: “The Last Supper: A Place of Forgiveness” (Luke 22:7–23)


Good Friday: “Golgotha: A Place of Simple Love” (Luke 23:44–49)


Easter: “The Empty Tomb: A Place of Remembering” (Luke 24:1–11)


By Justin Rossow, Dan Flynn, and Matt Hein