By Justin Rossow

One of the blessings of going through Confirmation with my family this year has been a prayer relationship with my kids. It took almost the whole year for that relationship to take root, grow, and bear fruit, but as we draw to the end of the school year, I find I am going to miss the time in the car on the way to school. What used to be a daily grind has become a sheltered time and place for hearing God’s Word together, talking about it, and responding in prayer–prayer on the go!

Heading into a process of discernment about our congregation’s direction and vision, I believe we are invited to rely on Jesus and not on our own wisdom or strength. Jesus promised that the prayer for the gift of His Spirit is a prayer His Father loves to hear and answer! So in the midst of all our spring and summer craziness, how do we head the invitation to seek our God humbly and earnestly for the gifts He wants to give to us and through us?

Maybe the answer is prayer on the go.

Don’t get me wrong; if you have a set time of Scripture and meditation and prayerful response already carved out of your hectic schedule, don’t change! But if you are waiting for the idyllic 2 hours of silence before you begin the work of prayer and Bible study, don’t be surprised if you never find it.

Instead of waiting for the perfect time, find the time God is already giving you. It might be shorter than you want. It might not look like what you thought. It might be more traffic and less solitude. And it will probably be around–or better yet, WITH–other people. That’s OK.

Use what time you have to respond in prayer and praise. And perhaps Jesus will begin to work minor miracles in your schedule and you will find you have more than 5 minutes to give after all…

He didn’t say it about time in the Word and in prayer, but He could have: “He who is faithful with little will be given much.” This summer, invest a little time on the go to think about and pray through God’s Word with another disciple, and see what Jesus does with time you set aside for Him!

And in all of this, remember the gracious promise of Jesus, that He wants to meet you in His Word; that He wants to forgive and strengthen and shape and mold; that He wants to tell you again how dear you are to His heart! It’s not a burden to meet a loved one, even for five minutes in the midst of a busy day, if you know they love you and want to share that time with you.

I want to end with a note from a friend, writing to our congregation, but not wanting to draw attention to their identity. I love the invitation to prayer as we continue this path of seeking how God is moving us forward in faith. Take these words of invitation to heart:

Can you join us in praying for St. Luke this Summer? Alone, in a small group, during your lunch hour, while you shower, while waiting for an appointment, in your car, on family vacation, or during sport’s related activities? While it is true that we are busy people, God can open up surprising times for us to come to Him in prayer.

Consider including this emphasis during your family prayer time so your children can be included. When is your favorite time to pray? This is an adventure and it’s exciting to be part of the action! God is on the move and that’s good news!

People of God, we have a destiny to fulfill! Let’s respond to His nudging with a faithful commitment to the battlefield of prayer. It’s a JOY and a privilege to be included in His great plan!

What are we praying for? Vision, Forgiveness, Holiness, Unity of Spirit, Love, Guidance, Provision, Sensitivity, Wisdom, Generosity, Peace, Open Doors, and whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to pray!

During our summer worship schedule, we invite you to join us for dedicated prayer time on Sundays between 9:30 am and 9:55 am in the West Wing. Come and go as you please, but join us for prayer on Sundays and during the week. We have an exciting invitation to be actively involved in receiving what Jesus wants to give us, and shape in us, and do through us in prayer!