Dear Ones,

I’m glad to share that our worship in our sanctuary last Sunday was what we were hoping for: both safe and meaningful. I personally thank all who planned and worked diligently to enable 69 people to be blessed. 

We are taking the steps necessary to worship in the sanctuary again this Sunday on June 21. A few things to note… 

  • Worshipers will be limited to 75 people this week. We ask that you make reservations for you/your family so that we can know beforehand that worshipers will not number more than 75. Make your reservations by going to: Worship Reservations. You may also make a reservation by calling David Nelson at (734) 971-0550, Ext. 109;
  • We will again observe social distancing and wear masks (this worked very well last Sunday);
  • Holy Communion will be celebrated;
  • We will worship online (and we plan to continue to do so) at 10:00 am, in the same way we’ve been experiencing since March. Please feel free to choose which way you desire to be blessed in worship;
  • Children are welcome and wanted. Families: We believe we have made worship as safe as going to the grocery store, so please know you are free to join us;
  • We know singing is one of our most treasured acts of worship (especially for Lutherans) and we all miss praising God with our voices lifted. At this time, we’re working to decide how we can be sure it is safe to sing again;
  • After worship this coming Sunday, we will be sending out a survey about your worship experiences both live and online. Our desire is to be the best stewards of God’s Word and sacrament as we can possibly be, and your insights and thoughts about how we do that are welcome and vital to our achieving that desire. 

Questions? Thoughts? Insights? Please share them with me at
I hope to “see” you in worship, one way or another, this Sunday!

Pastor John