This Wednesday, we will mark the beginning of Lent by being marked ourselves with the sign of the cross during worship (6:30 pm, live and livestreamed).

It is impossible to be safely distanced and receive the imposition of ashes from me, so this is what we can do…

  • If you plan on worshiping in the sanctuary physically, when you arrive, we will give each individual or family an envelope in which is a small vial of ashes and wet wipes. During worship, you’ll be led through the rite of marking yourself, or marking one another in your family, with ashes.
  • If you are going to worship via livestream, you have some options…

1. Beginning tomorrow, Thursday at 9:00 am, you can pick up an envelope with the vial of ashes in it outside the front door of our building. Our office is closed, for everyone’s safety. You don’t have to ring the bell to receive an envelope; they will be outside the door; you can also come at any time. Please only take one envelope per family. If all the envelopes are gone by Saturday night, please use option 3 below.

2. During our livestreamed worship, you’ll be led through the rite of how to apply the ashes to yourself or another.

3. Or, you can use water or anointing oil that night. If you use water, pour some into a special bowl and hold it, or the oil, as we are led through the rite together.

Our goal is to make this an opportunity to observe Ash Wednesday in the most memorable and meaningful way possible. Let’s choose to see it, and other safe alternatives to what we usually do during this season, that way: As opportunities rather than problems. As expressions of creativity and as innovation that triumphs over limitations.

See you, marked, on Ash Wednesday.

Pastor John