By Becky Majesky

Sometimes I catch myself being nostalgic about seasons gone by. True, right now I do find myself thinking of summer every once in a while, but I really mean life seasons.

This morning I watched a preschooler veering off the sidewalk into knee-deep snow, just for the fun of it, and was reminded of my boys’ days of testing out all things new and previously unchallenged. This afternoon I mopped my kitchen floor and noticed my now 2-year-old cat watching from the sidelines, a far cry from the total attack mode he would go into as a kitten every time I brought out the mop.

Yep, life means change. And sometimes that makes me kinda sad.

After the weekend good-bye theme (Pastor Zehnder’s funeral and Pastor Scott’s farewell message played at Living Water) I realize that I have some farewells of my own to come to terms with. Not to people, but to seasons.

I realize that I have some farewells of my own to come to terms with.

For one, my boys are not my soft and snuggly little guys whose hands I could tenderly hold and whose whole world included me–all their explorations, every challenge, each triumph and endless ordinary moments of daily life that we shared. All the joys and the trials now look and feel so very different.

Often I am hearing them retelling the highlights (and lowlights) of their school day, listening to something new they have learned or want to learn more about, or am being called in to referee a brotherly moment. How life has changed in the 11 years of my motherhood.

Then there is my changing role in life. I was a working woman for a decade before staying at home to mother my boys. Ten years more and I changed roles again, re-entering the working world. I’m not sure I actually fully accepted one before I was in the next. Here I am, my foot still stuck in the doorway between worlds.

Time to fully embrace this season I am in now. If I wish for the comfort of the good ol’ days I won’t ever fully appreciate where I am today. Messages like Scott’s about biblical goodbyes encourage me.

Here I am, my foot still stuck in the doorway between worlds.

God’s grace sees me through moments of wishing I could trade in one of today’s troubles for one I had thought was so tough a few years ago, reminding me of how my boys are His first and He has it all worked out.

He holds onto me when I long to gaze at my sleeping child just a little bit longer because in the dim light I can still see his baby cheeks. I am reminded that the beauty of this life is tender moments like this interwoven with the rambunctious and loud ones that fill most of our days.

He shows me how to appreciate how all things work together to prepare me for what this season and those beyond will shower upon me.

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