By Deborah Schnack, First Grade Teacher at St. Paul Lutheran School

Memorizing verses from the Bible can often be a difficult and arduous task for many people. However, memorizing scripture helps keep God’s Word in your mind. When you have scripture memorized, it will often pop into your head during a time of struggle or disappointment as well as during a joyful time.

From the seeds that are planted by memorizing Bible verses, a wonderful faith can be nurtured and grown. In times of trouble, sadness, confusion, and joy these words of promise, comfort, and strength can be brought back.

Deborah Schnack is the first grade teacher at St. Paul Lutheran School. She has put together this list of activities that can help make memory work fun and easy. By using one or more of these techniques adults and children can grow in their faith and knowledge of the Word of God. And by doing these activities together with your children or spouse, you can both benefit from watching each other learn the words of God and seeing them used in daily life.

  1. Use the verse as morning, meal, and/or evening prayer.
  2. Play Memory Hide-n-Seek
    Write the verse on a card or post-it note and “hide” it in the house. When the verse is found read it aloud.
  3. Play Ball Pass
    As you toss or roll a ball to each other, say the verse one word at a time. You can vary this activity by having each person say the entire verse or parts of the verse.
  4. Puzzle Memory
    Write the verse on a piece of paper. Then cut apart the words. Put the words in order again.
  5. Write the verse on note cards and then tape them all over your house on mirrors, doors, or the refrigerator. You could even send them in a lunch. When you or your child see them, say the verse aloud.
  6. Chant the verse in rhythm.
  7. Clap in rhythm as you say the verse.
  8. Sing the words to a familiar melody, or make up your own melody.
  9. Say the first part of the verse, and let the child finish the verse.
  10. Alternate saying the words of the verse.

St. Paul is a wonderful option for education. They offer a preschool through eighth grade program. They also have one of the few options for half-day kindergarten available. There is financial aid available for those members from St. Luke who wish to send their children to St. Paul. Please e-mail Angie Moyer if you choose to send your child/ren to St. Paul. To hear a parent’s perspective on St. Paul, read the following article: St. Paul a Great Choice for School. 

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