By Kay Robinson

I was asked to tell you about the Summer Extravaganza here in Whitmore Lake. I evidently was chosen because I showed so much enthusiasm. I will keep that in mind next time!

But truthfully, I was enthusiastic! Everyone that passed by seemed so happy to finally be out and about and having fun on such a beautiful day. The Extravaganza consisted of booths from local churches, businesses, volunteer organizations, and much more–and of course bounce houses and face painting for the kids.

Living Water handed out free hot dogs and cold water. Many seemed skeptical about the “free” part thinking maybe that there was somehow a catch, to which Pastor Dan replied “HERE, TODAY THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A FREE LUNCH!” We gave out over 200 hot dogs and bottles of water.

As we were being thanked we had the opportunity to mention who we were and that we met every Sunday at the high school. Linda Strausbaugh and Linda Murdock made sure every young mom passing by was informed about MOPS as well as any other way we could help them.

Of course the backbone of our operation was our expert grilling team who made sure that every hot dog was cooked to perfection! I think we should do this again next year because even if we are known as the “church that gives out free lunches,” that is not all bad.

I know that we have had many outreach projects in the past, hoping to increase the connection for people to the church. And I know it is easy to be disappointed when that doesn’t seem to happen, but I say don’t give up because we don’t see the hoped-for outcome. You don’t know what that brief encounter might mean to someone in the future.

You don’t know what that brief encounter might mean to someone in the future.

I say that because almost 17 years ago, my 48-year-old husband died of cancer and I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I alone was was going to continue to raise our children: a 7-year-old daughter, a 17-year-old son with special needs, and a 20-year-old son in college.

I was so blessed to have Nancy and Mike Deeb as neighbors. Seeing my spiritual need, Nancy insistently invited me to a Community Bible Study she was attending and there I learned that I WAS NOT ALONE!

So whether it is kind neighbors volunteering to help a needy family or church volunteers giving out free food and encouragement, we have to keep at it and have faith that we will help someone or many become closer to God, even if we don’t see it firsthand.