by Janette Haak

I am so excited about our Sheepfold for the fall. We have some new teachers to welcome and that means I have some trainings to do! We are so blessed to have teachers and volunteers that are willing to be flexible and team teach where we have the greatest need.

Our precious lamb lot class which meets for our two year olds in the nursery is headed by Chelsea Meyers. Last year she took on the class by herself, although perfectly capable of doing that, it would be better to have another teacher to team teach with her.

Angela Knickelbein team taught last year in the second grade and this year she is teaching the precious three years olds. She has years of experience with young children and I know they’re going to feel so welcomed. We need one or possibly two helpers in that class, especially in the beginning.

We have our trusted Nees family, John, Lynn, and their daughters, teaching the four year old class. As far as I can tell, they have been teaching in some capacity for over 17 years. What a blessing to have their family as part of the team. Each of their children have also been an integral part of the class. They love what they do and it shows!

I have been praying for God to bring forth volunteers for the fall and this past Sunday, I was surprised when it happened. (why should I be surprised?) Kelly VonBargen has stepped forward to volunteer and I think I am going to have her teach our upcoming Kindergarten class. It is a large class and it would be great to have another team teacher in the class to share the responsibilities.

We’re so blessed to have a wonderful team for our 1st grade class. Judy Hayes and Jennifer Lindemann are the duo for this class and have graduated with their children from Kindergarten last year. Judy also used her musical talent to help us with our birthday party for Jesus in December.

Sara Miller and her sister Helen have devoted themselves to team teaching and agreed to move up with their class to 2nd grade this fall. Sara has been a volunteer for Sheepfold since her honor roll days in high school and is now a Jr. attending the University of Michigan. Helen joined in to teach with Sara and they make a great team. We’re so blessed to have these amazing young ladies give of their time each week.

We have Darren Meyer  and Benjamin Delnay returning to teach the 3rd and 4th grade. Chad Hayes is new to this team of teachers. Benjamin Delnay is going into his 11th year of teaching. His ability to connect and teach his class is a gift and we’re thankful that he is using it with us.

Bridgitte Gates is starting her 14th year of teaching our 3rd and 4th grade girls class. The girls love her and her ability to make class new, insightful and relevant takes a lot of work, but she manages to fit it into her busy schedule.

Our 5th grade class needs teachers. If you’re interested in Creation Science then this is the class for you. Our curriculum for this class is relevant and educational like no other curriculum. It is a methodology that gives our students the ability to defend their faith. We want our students to understand that their relationship with God is one on one. This curriculum gives them information to help them understand why their source of information needs to come directly from scripture.

We have many other volunteers, snack moms and Dad on Duty. The more we have the less you’re required to serve. Each and every job is so vital to make our Sheepfold a fun, educational and safe environment for our children. God has a plan and he will fulfill it. If you are feeling led or called to assist in any way please contact Janette.