By Winslow Fox
Two days ago it seemed as though the Lord was determined to bless my socks off!  One blessing after another – some major, and some very minor.
I was in traffic, driving to a doctor’s appointment, and my cell phone sounded off. I usually pull off the road to answer. I was trapped in traffic so I could not.  Just then, there was a red light, which enabled me to take care of business on the phone, before the light turned green.
I got to the doctor’s office exactly on time!  An hour later I emerged, with a good report from the ophthalmologist–he would not need to see me again for a year!
Later, in the check-out line at Meijer’s, with the electric scooter basket full of “stuff,” the lady ahead of me and the lady behind me both cheerfully unloaded all the stuff onto the belt!
En route back to Chelsea, I discovered for the first time how to change the CD in the CD player in the Taurus that we’d been driving for 13 years!
I’d phoned maintenance here at Chelsea Retirement where I live because 2 bulbs had burned out.  I’d called in the AM, and by 6 PM, the light bulbs had already been replaced!
I walked into the lobby of Dancey  House on my way to supper.  I found a neighbor of mine in the Garden Apartments standing there in tears.  Her next-door neighbor had been found dead in bed the day before.  I was able to console her with a hug.
The sermon on Sunday got me thinking about my week: the Lord is indeed good,  and He does shelter us under His wings.
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