Last May I was in Israel and looked at a little Iraqi 3 year old suffering from a congenital heart defect at the ministry of Shevet Achim. In 1994 a group of Christians were moved deeply by the plight of Palestinian children suffering from life threatening heart ailments. Israel had state of the art medical facilities but Palestinians didn’t have access to them. It just seemed so wrong that Muslim children didn’t receive care that could save their lives.

This group of Christians formed Shevet Achim, translated from Hebrew means “brothers sitting” in unity from Psalm 133. They yearned to bring unity to the Middle East through the care of suffering Islamic children. Over the years they have created relationships with Israeli doctors and hospitals who will care for these Muslim children.

Today Shevet Achim has an established network that quietly brings Islamic children with life threatening heart ailments to Israel. They provide housing, surgeries, a place for recovery and all the costs for traveling. It is an organization focused on loving kids and building unity in a region of the world that is divisive and broken.

So, in that May evening a group of us visiting Israel went to 29 Prophets Street to see the ministry in action. We saw the care for a little Iraqi girl who was crying loudly because of oxygen treatments she needed to receive. I watched the gentle care of the staff and of the mom. Of course, the mom loved her little girl and was quite surprised that she was in Israel receiving medical care.

So, we have a Christian organization in Israel working with Jewish doctors to provide medical care for Islamic families. Here is where “Blessed is the Peace Maker” is alive and walking.

Our St. Luke congregation is providing financial support through its 3rd quarter mission offering. Let’s support our brother’s and sisters in Israel care for Muslim kids. We will be impacting the lives of children and their families in a world caught in conflict. We can help show them who Jesus is in a way they never expected.


Check out their web site you’ll see stories of children and videos describing what they do. It is worth your time.


Pastor Dan