By Margaret Neblock

It’s official, we live in a snow globe.

Snow swirls around us as we go about our daily tasks, chilling our faces, hands, and toes as we retrieve the mail, walk the dog, run errands or clear the sidewalk. With a winter like last year’s, it’s hard to face the season that’s enveloping us again.

I caught myself cringing when I spotted snowflakes floating outside my window already in November and now as we enter the big winter months. My muscles haven’t forgotten the strain of snow removal.

Today, however, I’m reminded of Psalm 19: The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky proclaims the work of His hands.

God is sending us a message via snow-laden clouds: Look! My creation is awesome! Cold crystalline awesome! See how it coats the rooftops and tree branches, softening the angles and edges of their forms? Listen to the hush flakes make as they land, watch the landscape turn white.

Look! My creation is awesome!

I’m also thinking of Romans 8 today, which seems in conflict with Psalms 19 because it talks about creation being corrupted and stressed.

I wouldn’t normally assign those descriptors to snow, but what happens when I do? Questions bubble up in my head? What was snow like before sin entered the world? Was it supposed to melt immediately upon impact with the ground? Is it meant to be cold? Did it snow in the Garden of Eden?

While I ponder these questions (preferably with a steaming cup of cocoa), I’m reassured that God intended for the snow to fall. It may not be the perfect version of precipitation now, and it will create more work for those of us who aren’t busy building snowmen or making snow angels.

However, I can enjoy it knowing that Jesus will fulfill it and us to a flawless state when He comes again.