By Greg Sharp

The first time I heard the female half of All Sons & Daughters was as part of the Know Hope Collective album released in 2011. That project was led by the lead singer of the band Audio Adrenaline, Mark Stuart, so I expected that album to be in the vein of his typical work: peppy pop rock with playful lyrics. What I found was so much more. It was a collection of songs that dug deep into the personal struggles that he was going through at the time and produced something more raw and honest than I’d heard on anything put out by Audio A.

It should come as no surprise at all that Leslie Jordan and David Leonard would also tap into the same kind of self-expository lyrics with their band All Sons & Daughters.

All Sons & Daughters brings some of what you might expect from a band from Franklin, Tennessee: slide guitar licks and a southern twang, along with rich gospel organ fills and soulful harmonies. Jordan & Leonard have created a distinctly unique southern folk sound.

As I’ve begun to share some of their songs with the St. Luke community during worship, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. A reason for that may be that while their songs are a bit of a departure from the more standard contemporary worship songs we have grown accustomed to singing on Sunday morning, they are still Christ-centered worship songs at their essence. The lyrics speak from a place of honesty and brokenness which meet people where they are. Some of the melodies are rather dour—but hopeful—all wound together to put words and music on the lips of God’s people in need of peace.

One song in particular captures that sense of longing and need. All The Poor And Powerless gives voice to “all who feel unworthy” and from beginning to end, draws the worshipper from a place of distance and reaching into a court with all the saints before the Almighty singing and crying out “Hallelujah.”

All Sons & Daughters will visit St. Luke-Ann Arbor this Wednesday, October 9. This night of worship will certainly feature All The Poor and Powerless as well as many other recognizable songs from Sunday worship. The worship event will open at 7:30 p.m. with special guest Tim Timmons. Get your tickets today!

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