By Sherrill Derksen and the Giving Tree Task Force

This time of year makes me realize how incredibly God has blessed my family and me. While we don’t “need” anything, there are many people in our community who do have needs, many of which are basic things that I take for granted every day. This is a great time to share our many blessings with others, especially with all of the sales going on – which really makes this fun for me! This is a great reason to buy all those things that I don’t need but I want to buy anyway because they are on sale for such an amazing price! 

For many years, St. Luke has had a Giving Tree ministry. This is a great way to engage our everyday communities during Christmas and teach our children and families about serving our own community. This year, the Giving Tree will reach those a little differently than in years past. 

Wellspring Lutheran Services is asking for gift cards from statewide chains of department/grocery stores and gas stations so their clients can do their own shopping. How easy is it to just pick up a $10-$30 gift card when you are out shopping or getting gas? Imagine what a difference those gift cards will make for someone! 

Hope Clinic is asking for items (many of which are basic needs) so their clients can select gifts from their Christmas Gift Shop – you don’t even have to wrap these gifts. 

New this year, we will also be supporting our Circles Program with Christmas gifts for children of participants in this outreach program. Imagine the smiles on Christmas Day when they open a gift you chose especially for them! 

Selecting gifts for the Giving Tree can be a great way to serve as a family. Make it a family tradition – spend some time with your kids picking out a gift for another child, or several gifts for children and families. The kids can then help carry the gift(s) into church and leave them under the Giving Tree in the lobby. Imagine how we can impact our community thru this simple ministry this Christmas, and what it will teach our children! 

Stop by the Giving Tree in the lobby at church for specific details about gifts that are needed. Whether God moves you to bring one gift/gift card or several of them, know that God’s light will shine brighter in this world through your gift(s) and this ministry! 

Happy Shopping!

Look for this year’s Giving Tree in the lobby on November 17 and all gifts need to be brought to the church by December 8. 
Click for instructions for this year’s project: Directions_for_Christmas_Giving_Tree_2019