by Spencer Young

Have you ever asked the question, “How do I invite him to church?”, “How do I connect him to Jesus and to other fellow disciples?” or any other similar question? Many of us find ourselves asking these questions. We know several guys outside of church whom we’d like to see involved at church. And there are fellow members we wish to connect with one another and with Jesus. 

It isn’t always easy to just jump out of the boat like Peter did. We fear that we are sinking even before taking that step. But it doesn’t have to be that scary, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. What if there were an easy, non-threatening way to get your peers involved at church? Well, you would probably jump on it, right?

This spring, St. Luke will be joining a Men’s Softball League in Saline, and we’re inviting you to join. This is a great chance for you to take a small step outside of your comfort zone and invite your friends and peers to join a team. On this team (or teams), there will be many opportunities to both fellowship with other followers of Jesus and also to share Jesus with those who may not know him yet. 

So call up your friends and tell them about this team, and see if they want to join. Maybe, just maybe, it will be one of the greatest phone calls you ever made.

League information, team information, and registration deadlines are listed below:

City of Saline Recreational Department Men’s Class E League. (7) Week, (14) game season on Monday evenings, from April 20 through June 8. This league is for Men 21 and up. Cost is approximately $66 per player (this includes a T-Shirt). Help is available for those cannot afford the full price. Confirmation of your registration is due by Sunday, March 29. Fees for team participation will be due by the first game on April 20.

Contact me, Spencer Young, for more information.