By Miriam Rossow

Well it has happened. The end of summer has arrived and school is starting. Actually, for my family school has already started. And with that so many plans for the summer are gone. We had planned to make sure we were ready for school by working on math and reading skills. We had planned to take a quiet family vacation. We had planned to visit our relatives in Houghton Lake a couple more times. We had planned to have the basement painted and everything moved into that space. We had planned to have some relaxing days. We had so many plans, and the summer went so fast!

And then it was the last day before school started; a normal Sunday morning. We went to church and were filled with wonderful news about God being with us in everything we do. We were blessed with an abundance of fresh produce and flowers, and then we came home and had a wonderful lunch with a wonderful friend. The rest of the day could not have been planned better. A husband got a nap, a friend sat on the deck and read, two children went to the unpainted basement and played, and two children helped me peel and cut 6 cups of apple to make applesauce and apple pie!

small food

As the aroma of homemade applesauce and apple pie filled the house I read a couple chapters of a book we had been trying to finish. Then Justin woke up, and a game was played by all. The day ended with grilled pork chops, a fresh salad with garden tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh green beans, and we were finally able to eat what we had smelled all day!

It was the perfect day to end the summer. It was the perfect day to start the new school year. I did not plan it nor did I expect it. It was a gift from God. As we said goodnight on that last day of summer vacation with our backpacks and shoes lined up, I was able to say thank you for this wonderful gift of a relaxing summer day.

Many of my plans for the summer were not finished. We did not make sure we were ready for the math year. We did, however, learn how to clean the bathrooms and do the laundry. We did not prepare ourselves to be ready for spelling.  We did, however, read some fun books together. We did not have a bunch of days of relaxing quite at home. We did, however, have some fun days with friends and family. We did not get a quiet family vacation. We did, however, play games, read books, and take a few bike rides together and strengthen our family community.

As I go into this year with plans and hopes, I can be sure they will not all be fulfilled. In fact, just two days in and many simple plans have already been thwarted.  I can, however, be sure that many other wonderful things that I did not plan and hope will come about and be a blessing to us. Even when my plans seem to be turned upside down and my days are filled with homework, swimming and gymnastics, and running here and there, I can know that God has a plan and His is a perfect one.


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