We know that everyone is busy with work, family, and other activities, so we’ve decided to give you directions for adding your My Calendar in Connect to your other digital calendars. Group leaders can update the group calendar and it will in turn update to your personal calendar. We all need some simplification in our lives, so hopefully this will help.

Calendar Subscriptions

Many calendars in Connect to our Community can be viewed in an external calendar program like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal using the subscription links provided. You can right-click on any link to copy the subscription URL, and then paste it into the subscription area of your program. Should you no longer need the subscription, you will unsubscribe through your calendaring program.

There are four calendars that you can subscribe to.

Public Calendar

This calendar is accessible from your Connect to our Community login page if there are events that have been published to it. The link for subscribing to the calendar is found at the bottom of the calendar.

My Calendar

This calendar contains events, needs, and serving assignments specific to the person logged in based on the groups they participate in. There are two places you can access the link to subscribe to this calendar: the homepage (just above the small calendar), and the Calendar tab under Actions.

My calendar

Group Calendar

Each group has its own calendar, and each group calendar will have a link to subscribe in the Actions menu. Click the calendar icon from a group’s homepage to access this menu.

Group home page  Calendar Actions