The Ferguson Filters

by Greg Sharp A friend posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago that he noticed where his friends sit on the political spectrum

The Ferguson Filters2014-12-08T14:41:39-05:00

Hope from a Stump

By Lydia Jentzen Will It's really something to grow up in a family that follows Jesus. As a child, your parents read

Hope from a Stump2014-12-02T15:53:20-05:00

Advent: A Season of Promise

by Matt Hein This world has no shortage of promises that compete to capture our hearts and lives as we prepare for

Advent: A Season of Promise2014-11-19T17:29:25-05:00

Advent by Candlelight

By Miriam Rossow Church, Boar's Head performance at Concordia University, and then Advent By Candlelight in the evening. This was my schedule

Advent by Candlelight2014-11-18T11:27:03-05:00

A Time of Preparing

By Paul Dickerson, Congregational President   Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Happy Advent! These are not two words you hear very

A Time of Preparing2013-12-05T22:34:58-05:00

A Sure Promise

By Miriam Rossow Last year at this time I was not in a very wonderful place emotionally. As many of you may

A Sure Promise2013-12-16T12:46:55-05:00
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