Beyond Expectations

Epiphany: How did you know?

By Miriam Rossow The Feast of Epiphany is observed today on January 6th celebrating Christ coming to the Gentile nations. It is

Epiphany: How did you know?2014-01-09T11:55:51-05:00

Christmas: More than One Day

Anticipation. Expectations. More often than not, my expectations disappoint me. Nothing brings this to light more than the holidays. In Sunday’s sermon, Phil

Christmas: More than One Day2014-01-03T13:47:39-05:00

A Hidden God, Why?

By Roxanne Smith It frustrates me that Jesus was born in a stable designed to shelter animals. As if that weren’t bad enough,

A Hidden God, Why?2013-12-26T12:04:04-05:00

Joseph: A Faithful Man

By Roxanne Smith Joseph was the kind of guy who followed God’s law but added to it a heart of mercy. When he

Joseph: A Faithful Man2013-12-19T09:58:23-05:00

Too Ordinary

By Ryan Peterson “ME?” Imagine what Mary must have thought as her world was turned upside down within a mere moment. Mary. Ordinary

Too Ordinary2013-12-10T17:23:25-05:00

The Perfect Gift

By Bridgette Wolk My 91 year old Mother-in-law said to me, “I don’t want anything for Christmas, Bridget.  Do not buy me

The Perfect Gift2013-12-12T08:13:45-05:00

A Sure Promise

By Miriam Rossow Last year at this time I was not in a very wonderful place emotionally. As many of you may

A Sure Promise2013-12-16T12:46:55-05:00

Angelic Intervention

By Margaret Neblock October fifth was the day the Christmas season invaded my life this year. (A bit early you may protest, however,

Angelic Intervention2013-12-10T13:06:41-05:00
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