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Farewell to Paul Easterday

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B y Andrew Osborne

For the last three years Paul Easterday  and I have had a chance to partner in ministry. Sometimes it can be […]

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Farewell to Victor Minetola

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By Robert Gray

This past Sunday ULC said goodbye to Victor Minetola and his family (wife Christine and daughters Emilia and Bella) as they prepare […]

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A Word from the Wife

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By Amanda Easterday

Over the past six years, I have called Living Water my church home. I have made connections, built relationships, participated in events, seen […]

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Listening to a Call

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Paul Easterday was extended a Call to serve at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Cabot, Arkansas. He will be visiting the church in the next few weeks […]

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Divine Call Extended

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by Victor Minetola
On Monday, September 8, 2014, St. Luke Lutheran Church extended a Divine Call to Pastor David Gaddini of McHenry, IL to serve […]

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Meet the Hein Family

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By Pastor Matt Hein and Family
Have you ever had to sit down and write the introduction of your family? Have you tried to capture […]

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Minister of Discipleship Call Accepted

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Dear friends in Christ at St. Luke Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, MI,

Greetings in the name of Jesus! In January you invited me into a […]

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Do I Not Send You?

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By Sam Fink

I have always rooted for the underdogs; in sports, politics, books and movies, I always find myself hoping for them to win. […]

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Call & Answer

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By Scott Giger

When I was a kid, my pastor got a call. I was probably nine years old and Pastor Fritsch was functionally the […]