Summer Season

By Becky Majesky I don’t get summer vacation. I admit to being a little bit envious of those who do. I used

Summer Season2015-06-23T10:31:48-04:00

Prayer on the Go

By Justin Rossow One of the blessings of going through Confirmation with my family this year has been a prayer relationship with my

Prayer on the Go2015-06-16T22:55:24-04:00

Dear Friends

By Jennie Gollehon You don’t know this, but I prayed for you. I prayed for you long before I knew you. I

Dear Friends2015-05-26T13:10:42-04:00

Talking about Death

By Miriam Rossow My 8 year old has had a hard time separating. She has been worried that something will happen to

Talking about Death2015-05-26T13:17:51-04:00

Being Neighborly

By Jennie Gollehon We moved from Nebraska so snow is not a new concept to us. We've seen it, felt it, been

Being Neighborly2015-05-26T13:18:18-04:00
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