Christmas Eve

Ready or Not

“Christmas seems to have snuck up on me this year.”  I have heard that from more than one person over the last

Ready or Not2016-12-25T18:53:13-05:00

A Different Christmas

By Miriam Rossow This Christmas was different. We had numerous gatherings and lots of laughter. We ate lots of traditional food: Christmas

A Different Christmas2015-01-08T09:07:31-05:00

Jesus: Best. Gift. Ever.

Editor's Note: This reflection was the fifth of five shared in worship at the 7:30 PM Christmas Eve worship service at St.

Jesus: Best. Gift. Ever.2014-01-04T18:09:34-05:00

Christmas Eve: Joseph

By Justin Rossow We have to imagine that Joseph wanted children. He wanted someone to carry on the family business, someone to

Christmas Eve: Joseph2014-01-05T07:19:09-05:00

Christmas Eve: The Shepherds

By Justin Rossow Common, ordinary shepherds; Blue collar workers trying to make ends meet; Not too proud to work the night shift

Christmas Eve: The Shepherds2014-01-05T07:19:54-05:00

Christmas Eve: Mary

By Justin Rossow Mary was preparing. Mary had recently been betrothed to Joseph, so she was already his wife. Now she was

Christmas Eve: Mary2014-03-11T09:29:49-04:00

Christmas Eve: Zechariah

By Ted Jungkuntz I’ve gradually become more and more like Zechariah, an “old priest.”  Even the shirt I’m wearing identifies me as

Christmas Eve: Zechariah2014-01-05T07:16:24-05:00
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