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The Peace Light of Bethlehem

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For over 30 years, a child from Austria has traveled to Bethlehem to the grotto where Jesus was born. Using a miner’s lamp, they […]

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Star of Wonder – Epiphany

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Star of Wonder, Star of Light, Star with Royal Beauty Bright. Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us through they perfect night.

Christmas is over and […]

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Ready or Not

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“Christmas seems to have snuck up on me this year.” 

I have heard that from more than one person over the last few days.

Maybe it […]

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Tradition, Reworked – An Interview with Latifah Phillips

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On Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30 p.m, St. Luke will be welcoming Page CXVI to kick off the Advent season with a Hymn Sing. It […]

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A litte lamb love

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As much as I think I know the Christmas story, I learned something new this year. I learned the shepherds, who so carefully tended […]

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The Best Gift

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By Bill Burmeister

We all like receiving gifts. Many of us enjoy searching for the perfect gift and watching the joyous reaction as that gift […]

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Christmas Activity Set

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By Miriam Rossow

Every Christmas we pull out bins and bins of decorations. Well, actually, I get them out right after Thanksgiving; usually the Saturday […]

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Sharing Christmas in a New Way

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by Linda Murdock

As the holiday season approaches, churches like St. Luke set up a Giving Tree with gift tags for presents requested by needy […]

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A Different Christmas

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By Miriam Rossow

This Christmas was different. We had numerous gatherings and lots of laughter. We ate lots of traditional food: Christmas soup, Butterhorns, Bloody […]

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Advent: A Season of Promise

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by Matt Hein

This world has no shortage of promises that compete to capture our hearts and lives as we prepare for Christmas. Joy, fulfillment, […]