Joy & Happiness

By Janette Haak Lenten Devotion for Friday, April 4 Read John 16:19-24 Family Discussion Joy and happiness are different. Jesus talks about

Joy & Happiness2014-04-02T13:07:39-04:00

The Underwear Prophecy

Lenten Devotion for Thursday, April 3 By John Moore Read John 19:23-27 Today as we journey through Lent we pause to consider

The Underwear Prophecy2014-03-10T14:43:59-04:00

Signs of the Time

By Dan Flynn Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, April 2 Read John 19:17-22 A number of years ago we were traveling through Wales.

Signs of the Time2014-03-07T20:55:59-05:00

Knowing God

Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, April 1 By Rachael Varblow Read John 1:14-18 I was grumpily driving my kids to Chelsea. We usually

Knowing God2014-03-10T14:26:51-04:00

Hard to Swallow?

Lenten Devotion for Monday, March 31 By Becky Jungkuntz Read John 6:60-69 Brownies or broccoli? Which is easier to swallow? A compliment or

Hard to Swallow?2014-03-19T15:07:02-04:00

Blind in Sin

Family Lenten Devotion for Friday, March 28 By Janette Haak Read John 9:1-7 We Pray:  Lord, help us to glorify you, no matter

Blind in Sin2014-03-25T13:48:34-04:00

God Is in Control

Lenten Devotion for Thursday, March 27 By Paloma Solis Read John 19: 12-16 God has given me many opportunities to show others

God Is in Control2014-03-19T15:06:00-04:00

Avoiding the Cross

Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, March 26 By Brad Garrison Read John 19:1-11 Pilate had Jesus flogged because he wanted to avoid the

Avoiding the Cross2014-03-19T15:05:05-04:00

Follow the Leader

Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, March 25 By Christine Darragh Read John 5:18-25 There are few places where the physics rule about the

Follow the Leader2014-03-25T08:45:10-04:00

For the Love of Sheep

Lenten Devotion for Monday, March 24 By Krissa Rumsey Read John 10: 11 – 18 I’m sure every parent has had a

For the Love of Sheep2014-03-19T14:56:32-04:00
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