Daily Word

The Red Letter Challenge

What would change if you immersed yourself in the words spoken by Jesus for 40 days? How would Jesus shape your life

The Red Letter Challenge2019-01-10T11:01:53-05:00

Renew, Revive, Reform

By Dan Flynn Adult Bible Class, September 17-November 26. This fall our Adult Bible class is going to explore Scripture and the

Renew, Revive, Reform2017-09-14T14:04:36-04:00

Renewal in Christ

By Justin Rossow   I believe it was Eugene Peterson who once said that the most dangerous thing you can do to

Renewal in Christ2017-09-14T11:03:38-04:00

The Lifting Fog

By Miriam Rossow Recently I was in a funk. You know the kind of funk where you are irritable, crabby, and depressed

The Lifting Fog2015-06-05T08:19:16-04:00
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