By Miriam Rossow Death is ugly. It doesn’t seem to matter if the death is expected or unexpected. It doesn’t seem to


Celebrating Life in a Cemetery

By Marieanne Rose Planting flowers on our parents’ graves on Memorial Day is something Karl & I have done for many years.

Celebrating Life in a Cemetery2018-03-08T09:49:38-05:00

Buried with Christ

By Miriam Rossow Sunday, July 17th was the 2 year anniversary of my dad’s death. I had been with my family for

Buried with Christ2016-08-01T09:49:27-04:00

Is It Sunday Yet?

By Matt Hein After a busy but refreshing day of worship this past Sunday, I drove our children home and they all went

Is It Sunday Yet?2015-07-23T18:35:23-04:00

Talking about Death

By Miriam Rossow My 8 year old has had a hard time separating. She has been worried that something will happen to

Talking about Death2015-05-26T13:17:51-04:00

The Problem of Pain

Advent Devotion for Friday, December 6 By David Carlson Read Matthew 24: 36-44 In 1939 as Great Britain was being drawn into a

The Problem of Pain2013-12-04T20:26:06-05:00

An Intentional Eye

By Ryan Peterson I didn't really know Byron. I knew his daughter Sarah, as we had attended Concordia University Wisconsin together years ago.

An Intentional Eye2013-12-10T13:31:25-05:00

Holding Fast

By Becky Majesky One of the really great things about belonging to a multi-site church is that we’re a community blessed with three

Holding Fast2013-12-10T13:33:36-05:00

My Father in the Gospel

By Jonathan Petzold 1 Corinthians 4:15-16: "Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ

My Father in the Gospel2013-11-25T15:04:56-05:00
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