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What About Therapy?

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I know of no one who doesn’t confront overwhelming circumstances or simply need to talk to someone over life issues at one point or […]

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The Three-Legged Stool

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By Roxanne Smith

Depression is a terrible thing. When one struggles with depression they are caught in a world of hopelessness. The depression takes away all joy […]

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The Isolating Struggle: An Interview about Depression

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By Kim Iverson and Justin Rossow

Justin: We got together today to talk about depression. How long has depression been a part of your life, […]

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Identifying the Grey Lens of Depression

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By Roxanne Smith

We’ve all heard about depression – whether from a college textbook, or from an episode of “Oprah” – but it’s another thing to encounter […]

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Robin Williams Facebook Trending

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By Justin Rossow

The topic of Robin Williams and suicide is trending today on social media. Not surprising after the shocking news.

This Facebook post from […]