Family Discipleship

The Blessing

By Janette Haak “For years we prayed to God for the blessing of a child. God was waiting for the right child

The Blessing2014-11-12T14:51:48-05:00

Color your Bible

By Janette Haak Well, really we’re going to be coloring the tote bags for your children’s bibles. I felt bad for the

Color your Bible2014-10-28T14:02:20-04:00

The First Supper

by Matt Hein It has been a number of years but I still remember celebrating first communion with the students of Trinity

The First Supper2014-10-14T09:40:55-04:00

Confirmation Anxiety

By Sean Egmon I have to admit, when I first heard Confirmation was changing, I thought “well it’s probably good to try

Confirmation Anxiety2014-09-08T12:01:45-04:00

Confirmation as Discipleship

By Matt Hein Beginning with the 2014-2015 Confirmation year, the Confirmation process for the St. Luke Lutheran Church multisite be discipleship focused

Confirmation as Discipleship2014-08-21T13:49:44-04:00

Confessions of a Hockey Nut

By Brad Garrison During my childhood through high school I was a football, basketball, baseball guy. I grew up in southern Illinois

Confessions of a Hockey Nut2015-05-26T13:25:41-04:00
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