The Blessing

By Janette Haak “For years we prayed to God for the blessing of a child. God was waiting for the right child

The Blessing2014-11-12T14:51:48-05:00

Color your Bible

By Janette Haak Well, really we’re going to be coloring the tote bags for your children’s bibles. I felt bad for the

Color your Bible2014-10-28T14:02:20-04:00

The First Supper

by Matt Hein It has been a number of years but I still remember celebrating first communion with the students of Trinity

The First Supper2014-10-14T09:40:55-04:00

Confirmation Anxiety

By Sean Egmon I have to admit, when I first heard Confirmation was changing, I thought “well it’s probably good to try

Confirmation Anxiety2014-09-08T12:01:45-04:00

Is My Child Ready for Confirmation?

By Matt Hein There is no easy answer to the question 'Is my child ready for confirmation?' Each family will have their

Is My Child Ready for Confirmation?2014-09-07T20:33:21-04:00

Confirmation as Discipleship

By Matt Hein Beginning with the 2014-2015 Confirmation year, the Confirmation process for the St. Luke Lutheran Church multisite be discipleship focused

Confirmation as Discipleship2014-08-21T13:49:44-04:00

Confessions of a Hockey Nut

By Brad Garrison During my childhood through high school I was a football, basketball, baseball guy. I grew up in southern Illinois

Confessions of a Hockey Nut2015-05-26T13:25:41-04:00
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